Compare Bear's 

Double Dare

Compare is unique - he does not do anything bears usually do, like climb trees, run, roar, or go fishing, all because he thinks he can't do these things as well as other animals! Each time he compares himself to another create, something strange happens...

Danny helps Compare overcome unexpected surprises and discover that daring to be yourself is an important key to living a big, happy life!

EQ Principle: Be Yourself. Don't Compare!
 About Compare Bear's Double Dare  

Compare Bear's

Activities & Resources

For Little Explorers 
Compare Bear Coloring
Download, print and color
the picture of Compare Bear. All around the picture or on the back, write words or draw pictures of what is special and unique about you.
Compare Jar 
Make a Compare Bear Jar for the family. Any time someone catches themselves (or others) comparing, have them put a nickle (or button or rock) in the jar. When the jar is full do something fun together to celebrate how aware everyone is becoming!

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