Ruvi Rhino Lost

Her "NO"

What happens when a rhino loses her “no”? It’s not pretty!


Do you have a NO? Ruvi Rhino lost hers and she’s not happy. Guided by her friend Daya, Ruvi explores the importance of personal boundaries and soon learns when and how to say no. Learn with Ruvi how happiness and respect can result from setting boundaries.

EQ Principle: Boundaries are Beautiful
About Ruvi Rhino Lost Her "NO"

Ruvi Rhino's

Activities & Resources

 For Little Explorers 
Ruvi Rhino Coloring Page

Download, print, and color the picture of Ruvi Rhino. All around the picture or on the back, write words or draw pictures of your “no”—the personal boundaries that are important to you.


TIP: Use the boundaries that Ruvi creates in the story for inspiration. Be sure to include a rule and a consequence for each boundary you set.

Ruvi Rhino's Boundaries Worksheet

Click on Ruvi to download, print, and fill out this worksheet to help your children recognize and create healthy boundaries. Use the boundaries that Ruvi creates in the story for inspiration!

Ruvi's Crossword Puzzle 

Click on Daya to complete a crossword puzzle filled with words all about setting and keeping boundaries. 

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