Jojo Giraffe's 

Big Laugh

Kali is hiding in a tree, crying because the other kids make fun of her for being too short. Jojo listens to her story, then asks her to climb aboard her long giraffe neck to see the bigger picture. Together they ride through the African landscape, meeting several animals. Through this journey, Jojo demonstrates to Kali that others' opinions do not always reflect the truth, and that seeing the real truth can often help you find your laugh...

Jojo helps Kali gain a new, bigger perspective, and shows her that not taking things personally is an important key to living a big, happy life!

EQ Principle: Don't Take Things Personally
  About Jojo Giraffe's Big Laugh  

Jojo Giraffe's

Activities & Resources

 For Little Explorers 
Jojo Giraffe Coloring Page 
Download, print and color the picture of Jojo Giraffe. On the back, draw a picture of a time when you took what someone else said about you personally. Now draw a picture of yourself hearing the same words, but not taking them personally.
NOTICE: In which picture do you look/feel happier? Why?
Can You Imagine Me... 
Print the attached cards and cut them out. Pull from the deck of cards and either act out the card or draw a picture of yourself doing what the animal tells you to do.
TIP: For older kids, make a game of trying to guess which animal card they are acting out.

It's Not Just a Scribble by Diane Alber

 For Big Explorers 
Great EQ Parenting Habit
When you catch yourself taking our bad mood out on your spouse or child, stop and say, “It’s not you, it’s me.” Then apologize (and have compassion on yourself as well). This small little shift can make a world of difference in your home. It will also model the truth that what others say really says a lot more about them, than you! (See Resilience article, above, for more background on this.)

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

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