• EQ Explorers Team

Quarantined in Chaos? Free Printable Schedule!

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Stuck at home with your kids? Us, too.

While opinions fly across the internet about whether to implement routines and hard schedules or to allow free reign, sometimes the best thing for your children is a mix.

We’ve all probably spent enough time in quarantined quarters to have an idea of what works best (or doesn’t) for ourselves and our little ones. Have you let your child decide their own schedule? If so, do they follow it? Or have you stuck to a rigid calendar, complete with chores and schoolwork?

Take the temperature in your home. (No, not literally.) Is there peace, or lots of fighting? Is there order, or total chaos?

If you’re like us, you’ve answered yes to everything—a little bit of order and a little bit of chaos. And that’s a good thing. Welcome to parenthood!

Social distancing and self-isolation can make us all a little stir crazy, so how about taking the reigns and *trying* to make this time about connection instead?

Think about it. Maybe your kids can learn how to be more self-reliant, better managers of their time, more reflective, and more helpful. Maybe we can all stand to work on our emotional intelligence. And maybe now that soccer practice and violin lessons are canceled, you can finally spend a little more time around the dinner table together and practice listening to each other. Consider the challenge extended.

So how can you make this happen? Let’s start with a basic schedule.

Whether newborn or 12 years old, kids need structure—but not too much. You’ve probably realized that by now. Remember, one of your goals as a parent is to help your kids become self-reliant. It’s hard to strike the balance between rigid structure and creative chaos. So provide some guidelines for your kids, and yes, at the same time, set some hard boundaries.

The key is to allow them the autonomy to make decisions about how they will use their time.

For example, schedule some play time, but let them use that time as they choose. Help them make decisions by giving them options. “Do you want your snack now or after you watch a show?”

Here’s a sample schedule you can try using with your kids. And please, make whatever changes work best for your family.