The last thing Danny expects to come across during his hike in the forest is a very insecure bear!

An Insecure Bear?! How is that? Everyone knows bears are big, and strong, and fearless!

And yet, Compare Bear is precisely that—a scaredy-bear who can't seem to see his own strength, and just doesn't know how wonderful he truly is! Compare Bear compares himself to every other animal in the forest and wants to be anything except his own true, excellent self!

In Compare Bear’s Double Dare, one of the first books in the EQ Explorers Series, Danny helps his big, unique, furry new friend take to heart the powerful EQ principle:
Be Yourself. Don’t Compare.

It’s a lesson of emotional intelligence that is essential for every young reader!

  • Get to know the entire EQ Explorer’s series—including how we donate 100% of profits to help underserved kids around the world. Join us on an awesome adventure!


Ages 4-12                  24 pages 

Compare Bear's Double Dare: Hardback Book