Ruvi the Rhino has lost her "No"

She doesn't want to be mean to her friends, so she says yes to everything!

But Ruvi's friends don't like her any better just because she says "yes". In fact, they take advantage of her all the time.

When EQ explorer, Daya, hears of Ruvi's problem, she steps in to help her new friend learn how to set boundaries. Daya explains why sometimes, saying 'no' is the kindest act of all!

Share this special story with your kids, and help them learn why setting personal boundaries is an act of compassion for oneself and for others. Good boundaries are essential to living a big, happy life!

Ruvi Rhino Lost Her 'No', from the EQ Explorers Series, teaches a powerful EQ principle: Boundaries are Beautiful! It's a lesson of emotional intelligence that is essential for any child—including Ruvi, who learns as she journeys through the jungle with Daya and all of their jungle friends.

Get to know the entire EQ Explorer's Series—including how we donate 100% of profits to help underserved kids around the world.

Ruvi Rhino Lost Her "No"


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