Wally Whale's 

Mighty Tail

Koa has heard that the secret to being mighty is written on Wally's tail, and he wants to know what that word is. But when whale and boy meet, Koa discovers the word is smudged! Determined to find out Wally's secret to happiness, Koa follows the whale through waves and reefs, trying to guess. And the answer is surprising...

Wally helps Koa learn that the secret to being happy lies within; it's an important key to being mighty and to living a big, happy life!

EQ Principle: Happiness is a Choice!
About Wally Whale's mighty tail

Wally Whale's

Activities & Resources

 For Little Explorers 
Wally Whale Coloring Page 
Download, print and color the picture of Wally Whale. All around the picture or on the back, write words or draw pictures of what makes you happy. Post the picture in your home.
TIP: Post the picture in your children's room or somewhere else in the house to remind them of the happiness options.
Cheer Someone Up! 
Remember how Wally Whale said helping others is one way to choose to be happier? Write a note, bake cookies, or do something else to help cheer up someone you know!
Smile Journal
Grab a notebook. Every night write down one thing that made you smile today! If you think of something you did to help someone else smile, put a star next to that, because that’s extra-special!
TIP: Talk with your child about the items on their list (and yours) each night.
TIP: Set a goal with your child- once they complete 21 nights of journal entries, celebrate by doing something special with them. (Perhaps something on their list?!)
TIP: Have your family Listen to this song during breakfast, getting ready, after school or other key times.
TIP: Use this video as a springboard for your child to list or talk about what makes them happy. Encourage the to turn to these pictures or list when they are have a difficult time choosing happiness.
TIP: Parents – ask your children these same questions. It can start great discussions!

My Heart Fills with Happiness by Monique Gray Smith


Have You Filled a Bucket Today? by Carol McCloud

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